• Branding of pharmaceuticals is a powerful strategy. INNERCAP provides new sales and marketing strategies.


  • Multi-phase, multi-compartment capsules are a visual, appealing, elegant pharmaceutical product.


  • Unique color banding and capsule
    combinations create product differentiation.


  • Multiple release profiles possible with system.


  • Increased compliance at all levels.


  • Patients benefit by simplicity of compliance.


  • Pharmaceutical companies benefit by extended product life cycles.
  • Less generic competition and counterfeiting.


  • Healthcare providers benefit from reduced dosing and liability.


  • ChronoCaps ™ - Time release profiles of multiple actives.


  • StabiliCaps ™ - Increased stability of actives.


  • CompliaCaps ™ - Increased compliance through combination drugs.


  • pH-RLCaps ™ - Controlled release based on pH levels.


  • Chrono-pHCaps ™ - Controlled release based on timing and pH




Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical
Multiple uses across all fields of short & long-term care through use of combination therapies based on oral and other delivery dethods t
o enable the absorption of large and small molecules by stimulating the area of release and protecting the active materials until reaching the targeted site of release.

Medical Food and Nutraceutical
Combination products consisting of Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Foods and Nutraceutical materials.