LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing LLC is the only approved contract manufacturer for INNERCAP Technologies, Inc.'s patented delivery system for INNERCAP's Licensees of the patented multi-phase multi-compartment combination capsule products.


LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing has the capabilities fill two-piece gelatin and HPMC capsules with liquids, semi-solids, beads, powders and suspensions. LIQUIDCAPSULE also provides packaging, labeling and bottling services for products.


SERVICES offered by LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing LLC:


Multi-phase capsule filling for INNERCAP Licensees

Liquid filled two piece capsule filling

Powder two piece capsule filling

Bead two piece capsule Filling

Semi-solid two piece capsule filling

Liquid bottle filling

Bottling (plastic and glass)

Labeling (Round and flat or oval sided bottles)

Blister wallet samples.

Sachets with liquids and gels.



LIQUIDCAPSULE uses capsule banding machines to seal capsules and make the capsules tamper evident. Capsule banding is the only approved method for sealing over the counter pharmaceutical (OTC) pharmaceutical capsules and making a tamper evident seal for the two piece hard shell capsules. Capsule banding is the method for sealing the majority if not all of Rx Pharmaceutical products on the market today. The capsule banding method provides an elegant visually appealing tamper evident seal vs other methods that create an uneven and disfigured seal on capsules.


LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing LLC can be contacted at the following telephone number and address:



9216 Palm River Road

Suite 203

Tampa, Florida 33619 USA

TEL: (813) 676-0423