• Multi -Phased Materials
    Solids, powders, granules, crystals, hot melts, pastes, gels, liquids, coated materials, lipids, enrobed, softgels, nanomolecules, beadlets, microencapsulated, encochleates, suspensions, emulsions and gases in single dosage form.
  • Incompatible Drugs in Single Dosage
    Wider selection of drugs to work within single dosage form.
  • Capsule Shell Materials
    Multiple shell materials can be used in single dosage form.
  • Multiple Release Profiles
    Combine different release profiles such as immediate, delayed, enteric, sustained and timed.
  • Single Therapies
    Drugs combined to target one disease state or side effects.
  • Multiple Therapies
    Drugs combined to target separate disease states or organ systems.
  • Ease of Scale-Up
    Modified existing equipment can be used to manufacture products.
  • Less Excipients
    Different phases can reduce number of excipients in dosage.
  • Increased Bioavailability Through Absorption
    Materials to increase bioavailability can
    be included in formulation. Poorly water soluble drugs can be significantly enhanced.
  • Increased Stability
    Reduced oxidation through use of antioxidants protecting Actives. Reduced moisture sensitivity by use of lipophilic matrix.

The photo above to the right shows how three individual compounds are combined into one single dosage form. The combination example consists of a high potency insoluble active in a lipid emulsion, sustained release bead filled capsule and semi-solid filled mini-capsule. A combination of release profiles can be incorporated into the delivery system with coatings and the capsules, beads or actives and controlled release formulations.

Note: photo is enlarged to show components of delivery system.